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Custom Home and Gun Safe covers

Our Custom Safe Covers are made in the USA, out of thick quilted material, which is thicker and denser than even Premium grade moving blankets. It is soft and will not scratch your safe, yet it is thick and dense to provide reliable protection against any dents or scratches. Because the color of the material is black with black threads, it is practically invisible in the garage. The cover is equipped with a Door-like opening, that allows to access the contents of the safe without having to take the safe cover off.

February 15, 2017
Moving Blankets vs. Acoustic Blankets

What is the difference between a moving blanket and an acoustic blanket? Why should you pay more when you're not sure? Well, we know the prospect of buying a $5 moving blanket and using it as a sound blanket seems like a good idea. But... you're ultimately shorting yourself.

Simply put, moving blankets are designed for moving, and acoustic blankets are designed for absorbing sound. A shot glass and a beer stein are both cups, but certainly not interchangeable...

That's why we made this comprehensive video comparing the two. For you! Producers Choice? Moving Blanket? Acoustic Blanket? Sound absorption? We have an answer. Comparisons include weight, size, information on the materials used, the way the materials were put together, stitching, price, and overall intention of each product. This video includes acoustic test graphs as well, for an easily identifiable visual stimulus.

March 13, 2014
Information on our Producers' Choice Acoustic Sound Blanket

Producer's choice sound blankets earned their reputation as the best sound absorption acoustic blanket on the market. With 80% noise absorption (NRC 0.8) it exceeds any sound absorption on the market. These blankets for soundproofing were developed by the request of movie producers and sound recording professionals who needed quality sound blankets with high sound absorption capacity and low cost.

March 10, 2014
Are these blankets washable? How do I wash them?

Moving blankets pick up a lot of this and that during their travels, it's inevitable. But don't just throw them away! These blankets are not disposable! Save your money, save your time, and learn how to wash them when you feel they become too used.

Sure, we would love you to come back and buy our products again and again... but our only concern with your money - is how to save it.

March 13, 2014
How to know the difference between moving blankets?

What should you look for when shopping for moving blankets? Which moving blanket suits you? Is a moving blanket a furniture pad? Or a storage pad? What's the difference between the two? Is there a difference? Which blanket is the most economical solution? We understand you have questions, and this video was created as a response to your demands for an explanation and a demonstration on our different blankets.

This is our unofficial and unbiased buyer's guide to moving blankets. We take into consideration quality, differences, and even special features to keep an eye out for. This video explains the common, and often overlooked differences between moving blankets.

March 13, 2014
How to use car seat cover for large dogs?

Aw man, it's raining and Fido's all muddy. Sure, maybe you could have him wear your sweatshirt the whole ride home, or maybe you could invest in one of these specialized moving blankets! Take your dog with you anywhere without worry, you can even use a unique method and create a barrier to prevent your pup from jumping up front. Safer driving becomes more fun, so you can spend more time loving your dog and not getting frustrated!

This is an information video on our car seat cover for dogs. Our seat cover is made from our quilted moving blanket to move animals instead of furniture! Some of the same principles apply, such as ease of use, quality of fabrics, easily cleaned, and strong stitches specifically designed to protect against tooth and nail destruction. These blankets are practically indestructible! Sometimes you have to move more than just furniture, put the same care into your belongings that you do into your beloved. Here is a full selection of blankets for your dog!

March 13, 2014
Customizing furniture covers!

So, you need a 4' by 3' semi circular cut out shape made specifically from our Cabinetmaker brand moving blanket? Or maybe you have a more complex shape? Or perhaps our blankets are just too big for the work you need done.

This video covers all the necessities for making your own custom furniture cover. Only you know what you truly need, so we'll leave it up to you! Here is our how-to painlessly and easily customize our moving blankets into furniture pads, storage pads, or just different sized moving blankets. We demonstrate specifically how to use them for a photo booth!

March 13, 2014

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