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Custom Covers

The covers were received yesterday. We're very pleased with how they turned out. Best regards

Gerry October 18, 2013
Product Ordered: Premium Grade Moving Blankets and other supplies

Hello to all I want to thank you " Jeff" for your prompt delivery of moving supplies. You were very considerate to the urgency of my moving supplies. I will defitnetly recommend this company to all who need quality moving supplies and at moderate prices. This company is all for making the customers haopy and their move smooth and easy. One less headache to deal with during my move. Thank you again and many blessing to your business A JOB WELL DONE !!

Rebecca Morales Brooklyn NY April 23, 2013
Product Ordered: Moving Blankets. Premium Grade.

You folks saved the day, Jeff. I was in the house Sat wondering if the items were going to show. I saw a Fedex truck in the neighborhood but when I looked out the front door, nothing on the patio. I was disappointed. But then I walked out the garage and the driver had put them inside the garage. Good rained on Sunday for the move and the mattresses would have been completely wet and I would have had unprotected furniture. Thanks for making the delivery happen.

Scott August 23, 2012
Product Ordered: Soundproofing Blanket

I just want to thank you for your quick turnaround time. Much appreciated!!! My blankets just arrived.

Catherine I Summerville, Mass. May 01, 2013
Product Ordered: Custom Photo Booth

The covers work beautifully Thank you,

Brian D. Los Angeles, Ca May 01, 2013
Product Ordered: Soundproofing Blanket

Im like many people out there.... playing with a small space, but still wanted to sound proof the space I have without having to shrink it down substantially. So I searched the good old net to find ideas. (I would like to say being from Toronto, Canada. It has been very hard to find any type of absorption blankets locally that do the job.) I then stumbled on to On their site I found exactly what I was looking for. Their Producer’s Choice Blankets are made for someone just like me with limited space, but looking for amazing results when it comes to sound absorption. I was very impressed with their customer service...very helpfully, and accommodating, and very informative. If you are looking for a great alternative to not spending big bucks on sound proofing a room. Whether its your home recording studio, rehearsal space, or home theatre. The Producers Choice Blanket from Movers Supplies is an effective, and cheap way of doing so. Yet the quality and look is not cheap at all!

John D Canada April 30, 2013
Product Ordered: Piano Board.

Great. I just created a new account and ordered the skid board. Thank you guys so much for solving my problem and being so quick to help. You have definitely made me feel like a valued customer and have earned my future business. Please let me know if you would like me to write a review on google or any other site. I would be more than happy to help. As a business owner myself, I know customer reviews are helpful. Thanks again.

Michael S. Phoenix, AZ August 23, 2012
Product Ordered: Professional Multi Color Moving Blankets Made in the USA NVE 101

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I received your terrific blankets! They are exactly what I would have picked. Thank-you so much for taking the time and picking these out for me. It is greatly appreciated. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I will highly recommend your company to other people. What a pleasure dealing with you! Enjoy the rest of summer, sdfsdf

Maria S. Tarrytown NY August 23, 2012
Product Ordered: Acoustic Blanket Producers Choice

Hi, I recently received an order of your Producers Choice 6-pack blankets. They arrived incredibly quickly, which was great (it is my third order from you guys, I love these things) Thanks!

Dylan W May 01, 2013

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