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Producers Choice Acoustic Sound Absorbtion Blankets

Producers Choice Acoustic Sound Absorbtion Blankets

Our Producers' Choice sound blankets have grown so popular that they now have a category of their own! We have several blanket options for any soundproofing and acoustic room treatment needs. From small vocal booths to professional audio recording studios, everybody appreciates what the sound blanket do for your audio recording. These blankets are perfect for any project that requires sound absorption and soundproofing. Know that when you see Producers Choice, it means the highest quality. It will absorb the sound you don't want, and let you keep the ones you do!
Acoustic sound absorption blankets are an upgraded version of our moving blankets, and our Producers Choice sound blankets are like our regular acoustic blankets on steroids! Our sound proof blankets are designed less for moving, and more for absorbing noise and positively improving acoustics in your room. They have a few other key design differences; in the stuffing, stitching, and material.

In our Vocal Booth acoustic blankets series we use a thinner outer layer of fabric than our moving blankets that let the sound in to be absorbed into the pure cotton filler. These also have a two inch parallel vertical stitching. This specific stitching design allows the blankets to expand more than the zig-zag lock stitch seen in regular moving blankets for optimal sound absorption.

Do you need assistance discerning from our vast list of products to find just the right product? Here's some help:

Our sound blankets come in all black (which are the models ending in an odd number)
or black and white (which are the models ending in an even number)

They come in a regular size: 80" x 80" (6.5' x 6.5')
a homestudio wall size (for floor to ceiling treatments): 80" x 96" (6.7' x 8')
and a special blankets for professional recording studios 10 ft ( 120 “) high and 80 inches wide.
Some models have the letter "G" which means it has grommets.
No matter what coverage you need, a window, a section of wall, a whole wall, a whole big wall floor to ceiling, a whole room, or even a whole house floors ceilings and all, we have got a product for you!
All blankets have been tested in acoustic lab and show excellent sound absorption quality superior to any other blankets:
NRC for blankets installed flat -0.8 ( 80% sound absorption)
NRC for blankets installed in pleated fashion – 0.95 – ( 95% sound absorption)

For More Acoustic Products and Room treatment information and ideas go to

Direct link to get the sound blankets for acoustic room treatment: Blanket size 80” x 80” : Sound Blankets Producers Choice for soundproofing.
Blanket size 80” x 96” : Acoustic Noise reduction Panels for soundabsorption.
Blanket size 80” x 120” : Pro Sound Blankets for Recording Studio Acoustic Room Treatment.

  1. Add Grommets to my blankets

    Add Grommets to my blankets

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    If you are buying moving blankets to hang them on a wall, we can help you by adding Grommets to your Blankets. We use Professional High Quality Grommets:#3 7/16''- Nickel . Hole Size - .438 Flange Diameter - .965 If you are buying grommets, please describe t... More info
  2. Hook Screw

    Hook Screw

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    Stainless Steel Hook Screw Diameter – 1/4 inch Length – 5 inches (Threaded part – 2 inches) Our Hook Screws are specifically designed for hanging our Sound Absorption Blankets. No need to install an extra beam or sacrifice the quality of acoustic room treatment by hanging blankets directly on the wall! This stainless steel hook will keep the blankets at 2.5 – 3 inches away from the wall for better sound absorption. (See our recommendations on hanging blankets here) Stainless steel (#201) will not rust and will not stain the blanket even if it gets wet or placed in damp environment. The specially engineered thread will reliably screw into a wood or concrete walls or ceiling for strong support. The hook is bent in a way that it can securely support the blanket if you hang it off the ceiling or on the wall. Priced about 30% less than comparable quality screw-hooks in your local hardware store. NOTE: You need a 1/4 inch drill bit to drill a hole before installing the screw hook. More info
  3. Customize My Blanket

    Customize My Blanket

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    Add this product to your cart if you need to customize your blankets. Small alterations are $35 each. . More info
  4. Custom Window in blanket

    Custom Window in blanket

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    Producer’s Choice Blankets can now be made with custom windows. We can install a Clear Vinyl window onto the blanket of your choice. Window size is 12 x 12 inches. Window is sewn on the blanket 48 inches from the bottom of the blanket. Other design options are available but the price may vary. NOTE: MUST ORDER BLANKET SEPARATELY! Price is in addition to the cost of a blanket. Production time is two weeks. More info
  5. Producers Choice Door Cover

    Producers Choice Door Cover

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    This item is on backorder. And not available for immediate shipping, The earlier you order the more you save! Get yours today!  NOTE:  See discount schedule at the top of the category description. *Inventory expected to arrive February 28, and orders will ship the first week of March*

    Producer's Choice blankets for Door cover

    38 x 87 double Layer blanket with 4 grommets on one 38" side and 2 extra grommets in the bottom corners.
    By repeated customer's requests we created this double layer blanket to go over the doorway or an existing door, to reduce the noise coming through the doorway
    This door Blanket will overlap the door on all sides for better sound attenuation.

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