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Piano Moving Equipment

Piano Moving Equipment

This section is dedicated to Piano Moving Equipment and Supplies. Here you can find Piano Dollies, Piano Boards, Piano Straps and Piano Covers. We're your one stop shop for all the equipment you will need when moving pianos!

  1. Cam Buckle Strap 12ft.

    Cam Buckle Strap 12ft.


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    2" x 12' CAM BUCKLE STRAP W/SPRING E-FITTINGS. Meets and exceeds all DOT regulations. Made in compliance with C.V.S.A. standards. Ultimate break strength 3000 lbs. Working load limit - 1000 lbs. More info
  2. Piano/Appliance Strap 15'

    Piano/Appliance Strap 15'

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    Piano - Appliance strap. Made out of Heavy duty cotton 2" webbing with roller buckle and metal tip. Length -15 feet. Width - 2 Inches. Specially designed to secure Piano to a piano board. The advantage of using the Piano- appliance strap when moving a piano, is t... More info
  3. Nylon Loop Strap (12)

    Nylon Loop Strap (12)

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    1 inch wide x 15 feet long, Nylon Loop Strap. MS-MT 10219 This is a Nylon tubular webbing - also known as a Parachute strap. It is extremely strong and durable. This is the strap that you need to use when to tie up your shipment. This strap has a sewn loop on one end for eas... More info
  4. Deluxe Rubber Cap Dolly

    Deluxe Rubber Cap Dolly

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    Smooth ride for appliances or piano moves. Frame made of Heavy-Duty Finished Hardwood, Two bearing bars covered with special Rubber Pads that designed to prevent slipping of the appliances. Good for moving piano, refrigerator, safe etc. Fra... More info
  5. Heavy Duty Appliance Dolly

    Heavy Duty Appliance Dolly

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    Appliance dolly, Heavy Duty This dolly designed for moving heavy appliances, especially when support on the long sides required. Unlike other dollies these haveall boards on the same level for better and more even support. Nonslippery Rubber lining is located on the long ... More info
  6. Piano Board 5ft with E-track slots

    Piano Board 5ft with E-track slots

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    This piano board works well with upright pianos. the advantage of 5 ft piano board is that it can fit in average size elevator without having to tip piano on its side. Piano board is 5 feet long and 13 in wide with a special lip to keep piano from slipping off. Pia... More info
  7. Piano Board 6 ft with E-track slots

    Piano Board 6 ft with E-track slots

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    This is a very popular Piano Board. This piano board is 6 feet long and 13 in wide with a special lip to keep piano from slipping off. Piano board surface covered with a very durable material to protect piano from scratches. Color - dark Blue. Three flares wit... More info
  8. Baby Grand Piano Cover (Quilted)

    Baby Grand Piano Cover (Quilted)

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    What a grand piano cover! This baby grand piano cover is perfect for moving and movers alike. This substantial moving blanket has a reinforced base panel made from a ballistic nylon which will undoubtedly increase the life of the cover. With an extended life, movers can save money and time. Quick and easy to put on, fits on grand pianos (from 5' to 7' long).

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  9. Piano Board 7 ft with E-track slots

    Piano Board 7 ft with E-track slots

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    This piano board is a must for moving a Grand piano. Every Piano Mover professional should have 7 ft board for large Grand pianos. Ideally piano board should measure from the front to the fatherst end of the curved part of the Grand Piano, not just the flat portion of it... More info