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Paper blankets (Craft pads) as Moving and Storage Blankets.

Posted on April 12, 2011 by BlanketMan There have been 0 comments

Paper storage packing blankets as cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to quilted moving blankets.

Paper blanket? To wrap furniture for moving? You probably never heard of this.
When considering packing furniture for a move or storage many people think about quilted moving blankets as a first choice. That is absolutely right, but what will happen after you done with the move?
You get stuck with bunch of moving blankets that you will not need in any foreseeable future…You may try to sell them on e-bay, but online auctions for moving and storage blankets are already filled with used packing blankets for sale and you would have to sell your moving blankets cheap, which might not even be worth the trouble.

There is an alternative to cloth quilted moving blankets which is paper blanket
, brown paper packing blanket or craft pads.
Many people simply do not know that this option exists. Paper packing blankets are actually better to use than quilted moving blankets, when you are placing your items into long term storage. They are clean, breathable, light and do not take too much extra space.
Paper blankets are environmentally friendly, they are made from managed resources and 100% recyclable. Paper blankets reliably provide Furniture surface protection for storage and moving including sea export shipping to hot climates. Paper moving and packing blankets are clean, strong and breathable/porous to protect wooden surfaces in damp and humid environments. They cost much less than a moving blanket. And after you are done with the move – you can just place them in a recyclables bin.

So what is a paper blanket?
Paper moving blankets are a natural product, manufactured from recycled materials. The cover is reusable and fully recyclable and a green alternative to other furniture blankets and covers. Paper blanket has two outer layers of durable paper and three inner layers with soft tissue like paper that provides cushioning.

How is it made:
Paper blankets are constructed of two outer layers of brown kraft paper and three inner layers of light weight paper. The three inner layers can consist of newsprint, light weight kraft, tissue, toweling bogus, tissue or non woven papers.

Paper moving and packing Blankets come in standard widths of 42", 48", 54" and 60" and can be cut to almost any length.

The sides of paper packing blankets have a folded edge which creates a more durable blanket and reduces the chance of paper cuts.

What to use on:
Paper blankets are ideal for use with any furniture that might retain moisture or be susceptible to rust. When retained moisture evaporates in warm conditions it will condense if restricted in polyethylene. Water will stain wood and cause mould, on metal it may cause rust. Regular moving blankets are also breathable, of course, but because of thickness of the quilted material it will retain moisture longer and it will also absorb more moisture than paper blanket. Paper moving blanket can be used on any furniture that other moving blankets can be used for:
Wooden tables and office desks, Glass tables and coffee tables, Headboards, Dressing tables, Chest of Drawers, Wicker furniture, Antique furniture, Wardrobes, Bedside cabinets, etc. Paper blankets can also be used as a cushioning material to fill in boxes or to nestle fragile items: just tear paper packing blanket apart and stuff moving boxes with it.

Premium quality quilted moving blankets provide better cushioning for wrapping the furniture, they are long lasting and durable of course, but you do not necessarily need that for a single move, and all these qualities come with much greater expense.

When you need covers for long term Storage or shipping, or single move, packing blankets do not need to be everlasting, be durable and heavy, They just need to get you through the move. Paper blankets ( craft pads) designed to provide cover and protect furniture from dust, light, and light scratches so the furniture does not fade and get dusty during long storage. Paper blankets are very inexpensive and light weight which will serve you well when shipping overseas container or even using locally for a move around the block.
Plus they are fully recyclable so after use you can simply place them into recycling receptacle. That save environment and save you headaches of dealing with used moving blankets.

NOTE: Do not be discouraged from using regular blankets, but make paper blanket a money saving and environmentally friendly addition to your packing list. And if you are looking to save costs on moving it make sense to get paper blanket along with regular moving blankets. Get quilted moving blankets for heavy furniture that needs more cushioning and get paper blankets for lighter furniture or for items that will stay in storage for a long time. You can also wrap furniture in paper blankets first and then get movers to use their moving blankets which they will remove in storage and you item will remain covered inside the storage unit and well protected during moving job.

You can find paper blankets available at Look for: paper packing blankets or craft pads:
On there is variety of quilted moving blankets, we can also produce custom moving blankets for you or
furniture covers

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