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Moving Blankets or Storage pads?

Posted on July 12, 2010 by BlanketMan There have been 0 comments

If Moving furniture to storage should I better used moving blankets or storage pads?

If you are moving furniture from your home, office, apartment or condo to a self-storage around the corner or anywhere across the country you need moving blankets to protect your household goods.
Which are better to be used: moving blankets or storage blankets (storage pads) and what is the difference anyway?

Well, any moving blanket can be used for storage and any storage pad can be used for moving, the difference is in level or protection and durability, a cost is also a factor.

Moving Blankets are made with Woven outer fabric. It can be polyester, cotton/polyester mix, cotton or any other material that is abrasive resistant and can withstand wear and tear. Moving blankets are also preferably to be thicker (heavier, 6-7 lbs per regular moving blanket), because they designed to protect furniture from possible dents and nicks while moving furniture up and down, moving from house to a truck, and rubbing in the moving truck during transportation.

Storage blankets do not need to be durable and heavy, storage pads designed to provide cover and protect furniture from dust and light, so the furniture does not fade and get dusty during long storage. Therefore storage blankets designed to be cheaper and light weight. Outer fabric is made of nonwoven, material, weight between 3 lbs to 5 lbs per blanket. Sometimes storage pads do not need any padding at all, which saves storage space and when storing furniture in self-storage it can make a difference between using a cheaper room and larger more expensive one.

NOTE: Do not shrink wrap your furniture for long term storage! Plastic is not breathable and tend to trap moisture. If your furniture happened to get wet, mold might start growing under plastic shrink wrap, furniture can get warped, pressed wood might expand and crumble.

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