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Moving Equipment and Accessories

Moving Equipment and Accessories

At you can find all your moving equipment and accessories. We carry many items from covers, to door jam protector, and even protective floor covers.

  1. Hook Screw

    Hook Screw

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    Stainless Steel Hook Screw Diameter – 1/4 inch Length – 5 inches (Threaded part – 2 inches) Our Hook Screws are specifically designed for hanging our Sound Absorption Blankets. No need to install an extra beam or sacrifice the quality of acoustic room treatment by hanging blankets directly on the wall! This stainless steel hook will keep the blankets at 2.5 – 3 inches away from the wall for better sound absorption. (See our recommendations on hanging blankets here) Stainless steel (#201) will not rust and will not stain the blanket even if it gets wet or placed in damp environment. The specially engineered thread will reliably screw into a wood or concrete walls or ceiling for strong support. The hook is bent in a way that it can securely support the blanket if you hang it off the ceiling or on the wall. Priced about 30% less than comparable quality screw-hooks in your local hardware store. NOTE: You need a 1/4 inch drill bit to drill a hole before installing the screw hook. More info
  2. Handtruck Cover

    Handtruck Cover

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    Impress your customers and earn their respect with a White Glove service! Use Hand Truck cover not just to look good, Hand Truck cover is a must, when moving heavy appliances on a hand truck. Using hand truck cover will prevent scratches on regfigerators or other appliances ... More info
  3. Mattress carrier

    Mattress carrier

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    This is an ergonomically designed mattress carrier that allows to carry a mattress with complete support. This is another superior product designed and manufactured by Mattress carrier is super strong because heavy duty Nylon straps go all the way f... More info
  4. Lifting Belt - Back Saver

    Lifting Belt - Back Saver

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    Back supporter with shoulder harness. Vertical metal strips at the back provide extra rigidity and back support. Additional adjustable elastic on velcro provides a tight fit to whatever your comfort level is. Recommended for heavy lifting. Comes in Black. More info
  5. Door jamb Protector

    Door jamb Protector

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    DOOR JAMB PROTECTOR Made of premium quality moving blankets with three built in springs to hold it in place wherever you put it. Use it to protect door entrances when moving bulky or dirty stuff through doorways. Protector is 72 inches long and 24 i... More info
  6. Deluxe Rubber Cap Dolly

    Deluxe Rubber Cap Dolly

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    Smooth ride for appliances or piano moves. Frame made of Heavy-Duty Finished Hardwood, Two bearing bars covered with special Rubber Pads that designed to prevent slipping of the appliances. Good for moving piano, refrigerator, safe etc. Fra... More info
  7. Heavy Duty Appliance Dolly

    Heavy Duty Appliance Dolly

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    Appliance dolly, Heavy Duty This dolly designed for moving heavy appliances, especially when support on the long sides required. Unlike other dollies these haveall boards on the same level for better and more even support. Nonslippery Rubber lining is located on the long ... More info