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Moving and Packing Blankets

Moving and Packing Blankets

If you're looking for moving blankets, furniture pads, shipping or packing blankets then you've found them! We carry a wide selection ofquilted moving blanketsto protect your furniture. All of these furniture pads are brand new, top quality moving blankets. More about moving blankets for sale.

  1. Add Grommets to my blankets

    Add Grommets to my blankets

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    If you are buying moving blankets to hang them on a wall, we can help you by adding Grommets to your Blankets. We use Professional High Quality Grommets:#3 7/16''- Nickel . Hole Size - .438 Flange Diameter - .965 If you are buying grommets, please describe t... More info
  2. Appliance Pad

    Appliance Pad

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    Special Price: $2.45

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    The Appliance pad is desined for professionals to protect counters while on the job. This is a quilted pad . Size is 24 x 36 inches. (weight ~1.5 lbs per pad). Use this pad to lay out yout tools without risk of damaging or soiling countertops or floors. This mini bl... More info
  3. Rainbow Felt Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-10

    Rainbow Felt Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-10

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    One superior quality Rainbow Felt Blanket! This felt moving blanket is a real space saver; lightweight and soft! Designed for moving, our blanket is made out of an enhanced strength nylon felt. All the light weight and portability of felt with the structural integrity of a top quality moving blanket! Safety and protection are the main promises of this blanket, and it delivers. More info
  4. Economy Moving Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-01

    Economy Moving Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-01


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    We've responded to your demands and created an economy moving blanket made from a non-woven fabric and bound all over with a zig-zag lock stitch. Incredibly soft and lightweight, this blanket is perfect for moving, and also storage or padding for furniture. Made from cotton and polyester, this blanket offers adequate and affordable protection for movers and storage. This blanket in particular works especially well in storing and protection.
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  5. Radiant Heat Barrier Blanket MS-20

    Radiant Heat Barrier Blanket MS-20

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    This is a HeatReflect Blanket, specialty Radiant Heat Reflective Heat Barrier Blanket that combines advantage of a padded moving blanket thickness and radiant heat reflective material. Size 58x58 inches. Color One side reflective silver and the other side is blue. Weight... More info
  6. Premium Grade Moving Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-06 Gray

    Premium Grade Moving Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-06 Gray

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    Premium Moving Blankets. Colors: Both sides - Light Gray. Double stitched binding on all sides. Outer material is heavy duty Cotton fabric. Filled with recycled cotton. Bound all around with Durable Woven binding material. More info
  7. Premium Grade Moving Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-05

    Premium Grade Moving Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-05


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    A single premium grade moving blankets, for those who strive for quality in a small job without wanting to break the bank! This moving blanket is dense and soft, but not slippery or shiny. A strong, durable, and very soft furniture pad which will provide ample protection for any near and dear furnishings or antiques you may need to move or store. More info
  8. Blank Newsprint-25 lbs bundle

    Blank Newsprint-25 lbs bundle


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    White unprinted newspaper. Recommended for wrapping fragiles, stemware, small pictures, china. A must to use as a cushioning material when packing china boxes or electronic boxes. Price is per bundle ( 25 pounds). More info
  9. Radiant Heat Double Reflective Blanket MS- 2R96

    Radiant Heat Double Reflective Blanket MS- 2R96

    Regular Price: $35.76

    Special Price: $30.00

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    Radiant Heat Reflective Blanket 96 inches x 59 inches. Both sides Made with reflective Material. Padded with recycled Cotton. Blanket Weight: 6.2 lbs Square Quilting. More info
  10. Moving Blanket Oversized Premium Grade - 10 ft MS--05L

    Moving Blanket Oversized Premium Grade - 10 ft MS--05L


    Out of stock

    Oversized Premium Grade Quilted Moving Blanket. Size - 77 x 120 inches (6.5 ft x 10 ft) Mixed Cotton/Polyester outer fabric. Recycled cotton filler inside. Bound all around with durable 100% polyester binding. This binding will not fall apart in a washing machine and... More info
  11. Customize My Blanket

    Customize My Blanket

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    Add this product to your cart if you need to customize your blankets. Small alterations are $35 each. . More info
  12. Paper blankets (Craft Pads)

    Paper blankets (Craft Pads)

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    3-ply brown paper blankets. Size 60 x 72 inches. Brown paper blankets (also known as Craft Pads), provide good protection from dust and dirt, minor scratches and rubbing. Price is per 25 blanket bundles More info