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Dog Blankets

Dog Blankets

Moving Blankets have proved to be durable and long lasting, when used as bedding for pets. These blankets are inexpensive, easy to wash, and good to use as a travel dog blanket.

Of all the different materials used for dog blankets, our microfiber blanket material has proven to be the most durable, standing up to frequent washing, use and abuse.

We offer different sizes and colors of blankets to be used as dog mats. The small size easily fits into a small pet carrier. The larger size works well for larger dogs.

 Of course if you need something larger, you can always get a full sized moving blanket.

Our moving blanket dog beds are machine washable, do not shed or capture hair, and are very easy to use. We actually recommend washing these blankets before they are used, as this brings out the fluffiness of the blanket, making it softer for your pet.

We are constantly looking to improve our product line and would appreciate any feedback and suggestions you might make.


    Add To Cart will donate 1% of the total cost of your order to Aussie Rescue & Helpline INC - a non profit organization for the rescue of Australian Shepherd dogs. All you have to do is write : "Gift To Aussie Rescue" in the Comments box when you check out. More info
  2. Small Dog/Puppy Kennel Pads

    Small Dog/Puppy Kennel Pads

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    Special Price: $2.00

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    -These small pads are perfect to line the inside of puppy crates and carriers. They are soft to the touch and they are also washable! Perfect for people with pets on the go! More info
  3. Quilted Car Seat Protector

    Quilted Car Seat Protector

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    This is an Improvised Car Seat protector made out of a moving blanket. We do not make any overstatements as other overpriced Car seat protectors on the market. It is plain and simple: ours is a Premium Quality Quilted moving blanket with specially designed strap hold attached... More info
  4.  Big Dog Car Seat Protector

    Big Dog Car Seat Protector


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    This Big Dog car seat cover is made out of ballistic Nylon for extra durability and scratch/water/dirt resistance with padding for soft cushion and comfort. This dog blanket, Car Salon protector is made out of a durable waterproof material. Measure More info