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set of 4 Studio Size Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets (VB-76G)

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set of 4 Studio Size Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets (VB-76G)

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Introducing the extra long Producer's Choice acoustic blanket! At 10' x 6.5', this blanket is designed to absorb the reverberations from reflective surfaces, in professional recording studios with high ceilings.

These blankets can clean up your recording from unwanted reflections and reverberations. It can cover the wall up to ten feet tall, creating a seamless sound-absorbing surface. Blankets are black on one side, white on the other, with white stitching.

Specifications:  Acoustic Blankets for sound absorption and acoustic room treatment, VB76G pack of 4:

  • NRC 0.8 ( If hang pleated -0.95 or 95% sound absorption)
  • Width – 80 Inches;
  • Height – 120 inches;
  • Weight – 16 lbs each;
  • Color – One side Black, the other side White;
  • Quilting – Parallel 2 inch wide. Vertical direction; white stitching
  • Grommets – 10 grommets on top 80 inch side. ( Grommet details: High Quality Grommets:#3 7/16”- Nickel
    Hole Size – .438 Flange Diameter – .965)
  • bundles contains four blankets.

Additional Information

Model VB-76G pack of 4
Width 80"
Length 120"
Weight 75.0000
Color No
a No