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  • 5 podium covers Just an email and pic to say how pleased we are with our podium covers that you made for us!! The measurements are perfect and the piping border...
  • Patrick Just opened my box with my new fairing pads. They fit...
  • Matthew I just wanted to let you know that the “D” shaped cover fit like a glove! Also I wanted to thank you for sewing in the description tags on the...

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Moving Blankets for Sale, Furniture Pads, Plastic Mattress Cover, Rubber Bands , Custom Made Furniture Covers. Moving blankets and Furniture pads are our specialty. We offer only new Moving Blankets for sale. We do not sell used moving blankets and we do not offer moving blankets for rent. Make sure to check FAQ and see Video about quality of our Moving Blankets, how we make custom furniture cover and how to wash moving blankets. We offer variety of moving supplies. Choose any amount of shipping blankets (packing blankets) or packing supplies. If you buy moving blankets by the dozen – you get discounted moving blanket price. (We do not have used moving blankets for sale). We offer both Imported moving blankets and American made Moving Blankets.
Make sure you have all your moving essentials from king size mattress covers to blankets. Need to move a sofa? Get it covered too! Go to Plastic Mattress covers section for clean and safe moving of upholstered furniture and mattresses.
We are proud of being able to provide a creative solution for your specific requirements. If you want to experiment and create your custom covers yourself, we now offer Quilted Moving Blanket Material on the Roll. Or you may E-mail or fax us your project description and we will design and make a Custom made Cover for you.
If you are a voice actor or a musician, Singer or a drummer and are looking for acoustic supplies and vocal booths - we have a dedicated website -
There youcan get the following products: ( click on what you need to get top the right page):
Portable Vocal Booth,  Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, Soundproofer Sound booth, Acoustic Supplies, Corner Bass Traps,  Free standing Gobo.

Sound recording studios successfully use our special black and white quilted Moving Blankets for Soundproofing – Producers Choice. If you need to hang moving blanket on a wall for soundproofing, insulating or to use as an elevator cover - request Moving Blankets with Grommets. We can also imprint your Company Name and Telephone number on moving blanket. We carry all Moving supplies that you need for your move: Rubber bands, Plastic mattress covers, sofa cover, chair covers, moving boxes, packing tape - all you need to protect your furniture on the move.

Tips and advice about Moving, storage and packing

  • 10 steps to get your rental security deposit back when moving out.

    When renting a house or apartment you will be asked to pay a security deposit, which is to cover any damages for when you will be moving out.  But when it is time to move out some landlords might try to keep the deposit.  How to make sure you do not lose your rental security [...]

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  • How to Wrap Furniture for Moving and Storage.

    This is a beginning of series of artciles about wrapping of furniture for moving. Most popular moving packing supplies are discussed. When preparing for the move consider specifics of your move and the furniture to wrap. Need to save on space or weight? – Get space saver pads or paper moving blankets. Need better protection? - Get premium quality thick moving blankets. Want to keep your fragile safe? – pack in double wall strong moving boxes with a lot of cushioning materials. Want your keep furniture clean? – Use plastic furniture covers. Read More

  • Paper blankets (Craft pads) as Moving and Storage Blankets.

    Paper packing blankets is a clean alternative to quilted moving blankets. Paper packing blankets are clean, breathable/porous to protect wooden surfaces in damp and humid environments, light, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, and they cost much less than a moving blanket. Use quilted moving blankets for heavy furniture that needs more cushioning and get paper blankets for lighter furniture or for items that will stay in storage for a long time. Read More

  • Moving Blankets or Storage pads?

    If Moving furniture to storage should I better used moving blankets or storage pads?
    If you are moving furniture from your home, office, apartment or condo to a self-storage around the corner or anywhere across the country you need moving blankets to protect your household goods.
    Which are better to be used: moving blankets or storage blankets (storage pads) and what is [...]

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  • Moving Blankets - what to look for?

    MOVING BLANKET - HOW TO SELECT THE RIGHT ONE ?With all the websites and all the blankets out there how do you know which one to choose?First of all please ignore the name of the blanket. Different vendors call the same type of blanket Economy or Deluxe, or even Premium.When you shop for moving blankets name is [...]

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All Moving Supplies for Sale

Moving Boxes, Boxes for Moving Book box 25 PK , Small linen Box 10 Pk , Large linen box 15 PK , Wardrobe Box 15 c.f.
Sealing Tape PVC Tape 6-pack ( color - tan) , PVC Tape ( color - tan) , Sealing Tape by the 72 ROLLS box
Moving and Packing Blankets Paper blankets (Craft Pads) , Radiant Heat Barrier Blanket MS-20 , Premium Grade Moving Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-06 Gray , Add Grommets to my blankets , Appliance Pad , Customize My Blanket , Rainbow Felt Blanket (Single Blanket) MS-10
Moving Dolly
Odds and Ends Blanket Remnants , Appliance Pad , Customize My Blanket , 3 inch Nonwoven Binding, per Yard , Industrial Equipment cover
Plastic Covers for Moving Stretch film ( 4 rolls in a box) , Shrink wrap (stretch film) comes in rolls , Plastic Mattress Bag. KING size. 2MIL , Plastic Mattress bag. QUEEN size.2 MIL , 2 Clear Plastic Chair Covers , Plastic Sofa Cover. Large , Plastic Mattress Bags Queen Size 2Mil , Plastic Sofa Cover. Extra Large By Box , Plastic Mattress bag. QUEEN size 3MIL. , Plastic Mattress Bags Queen Size 3Mil , Plastic Mattress Bag. KING size 3MIL , Plastic Mattress Bags KING Size 3Mil , Plastic Mattress Bags KING Size 2Mil , Clear Plastic Sofa Cover ( 3MIL) by the Box , Plastic Sofa Cover. Extra Large
Straps, Tie-ups, Hooks, and Clips Cam Buckle Strap 16ft. , 2" RATCHET STRAP (12 FT, YELLOW) 6-pack , Lifting Belt - Back Saver , S-hooks , Mattress carrier bag
Furniture Covers Loveseat Cover , Door jamb Protector , Picture Pocket Medium , Handtruck Cover , Dining Chair cover , Arm Chair cover , Door Jamb Protector -Blue , CO7777
Moving Blankets by the Dozen Rainbow Felt Blankets (By Dozen) MS-10
Moving Equipment and Accessories Door jamb Protector , Handtruck Cover , Mattress carrier , Hook Screw
Rubber bands
Custom Made Covers (not only Furniture covers) Loveseat Cover , Door jamb Protector , Picture Pocket Medium , Trapezoid Custom Covers , Handtruck Cover , Rhombus Cover , Elevator Covers, Custom elevator pads , Photo Booth Carry Bag with Handles , Photo Booth Cover PBR-1 , Custom Flat Screen TV cover , Custom Door Covers , Road Case Cover , Photo Booth Cover. PBS-1 , Dining Chair cover , Arm Chair cover , Display Cover with Clear Pockets , Photo Booth Cover. PBS-2 , Custom Lectern Cover , KS Photo Booth Cover. PBS-1 , Cordura Mattress cover and carrier , Customize My Blanket , RUSH my ORDER! , CO7777 , Sales Cart Cover , Large Sign Cover , Sign Cover , Custom Orders , Producers Choice Door Cover , Air Duct Cleaner Cover , Door cover - 39 x 79 , Quilted Safe Cover for Thomson Safes
Piano Moving Equipment Piano Board 5ft with E-track slots , Lifting Belt - Back Saver
American Made Moving Blankets
Quilted Blanket Material Roll Premium Moving Blanket (Roll of Material) MS-05 , Producers Choice Black Blanket Material by Roll MS-71 , Customize My Blanket , Cabinetmaker Quilted Moving Blanket Material Roll. MS-08 Brown
Custom Blankets. Sound Blanket* Radiant Heat Barrier Blanket MS-20 , Add Grommets to my blankets , Appliance Pad , Customize My Blanket , RUSH my ORDER! , Custom Orders , Industrial Equipment cover
Dog Blankets , Quilted Car Seat Protector , Small Dog/Puppy Kennel Pads
Producers Choice Acoustic Sound Absorbtion Blankets Add Grommets to my blankets , Customize My Blanket , Producers Choice Door Cover , Hook Screw , Custom Window in blanket
Hand Trucks Handtruck Cover
Photo Booth Covers Photo Booth Carry Bag with Handles , Photo Booth Cover PBR-1 , Photo Booth Cover. PBS-1 , Photo Booth Cover. PBS-2 , KS Photo Booth Cover. PBS-1 , 2 parts Photo Booth cover , 2 Piece Photo Booth Cover - Top , 2 Piece PhotoBooth cover - Bottom
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