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Need Custom Covers?              We do that too!


Jeff Morgan is  founder and CEO of the where we proud ourselfeves on being innovators in providing our customers with specific designs and specific features for the product that they want. 

We do not reject any requests just because "such thing does not exists".   If no one has it - we wil create it!

This is our policy. 

We created the Producer's Choice Blankets in close cooperation with Film Industry Producers, who wanted quality solution for the soundproofing and Light reflection without breaking their start up budget.  This product is very popular now.

We noticed that some Musicians and recording studios needed to hung the blankets on walls and ceilings.   So we came up with "Add grommets to your blanket service".  This was a great success as well.

We develop and produce special covers for Exhibits and Displays all other the country.

Our latest product that we are very excited about is for Entertainment Industry and it might actually realise in a patented product, so I cannot talk about it  here.

We watch many copycats trying to follow our product offers, but it is creativity and direct customized response approach that makes us different.  One cannot copy innovation.

Do you have any need for Moving Blankets products or Quilted Covers you cannot fulfill? e-mail us your project to   or fax to 1-800-64-FAX-EZ  [( 800) 643-2939]  We will be happy working with you!


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